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At Fonalisa, with a host of powerful online tools, years of experience, and a team of experts;

* We provide an unmatched level of quality and support service.
* We build and maintain your website while you focus on your business, as our goal is to see you succeed!
* Our clean design themes are responsive and will look great anywhere and on any device.
We provide you with the tools and guidelines you need to build a great website, online store, or blog to the next level by providing relevant information on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and much more!
We take care of it all and let you focus on creating interesting content for your visitors.




Current & active

Fale Services, Finland

Amas Emporium, PortHarcourt

AFAES, Finland

AIF, Helsinki

AmyFoodMart, Lagos

Ayan Development Union, Lagos

Food Island, Lekki

AFAES – Mothersday

WODESS – Awards, Finland

AFAES ry, Seminar Series

Previous Sites

Wodess, Finland

Naijaboyz Domain

Jehom, Helsinki

Yahom, Finland

Scadaa, Finland

Speedvision, Ghana

Samson Orientals, Helsinki

Designer Hair Salon, Helsinki

God Blessings Ministries, Finland

nkFranc Fashions, Lekki

La MOS Fashions, Lekki

AFAES Helmo Project, Helsinki

AfroEurope Media, Finland

NBS Association, Lagos

Natty Creations, Surulere

WODESS – GBFI, Helsinki

Suomen Turvalaitepalvelu

FINFA ry, Helsinki

Siivuus Lagos, Nigeria

DF Connection, Helsinki

PH rakennus Hiltunen, Vantaa

Abtuts, Finland

Televideo Services, Espoo

Omal Worldwide Services, ML, USA

DJ Dalo, Finland

AkwaCross Community, Finland

Espoon ja Kauniaisten Dementiayhdistys

Kempe Arts, Espoo

Team Change, Finland


Providing professional IT support for small businesses


Either on a single project or contracted day-to-day running of your company’s IT support. We also manage office & home PC problems, perform virus scans, optimize your computer, and clean your laptop. A collection & repair service.
Phone: +358 503604547

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